New, Non-GMO soybean variety producing a premium feed ingredient.

Navita 3553 meal produces higher metabolize energy and have lower FCR due to reduced oligosaccharide content.

Find out how it can impact your feed.

Key Features:

The source of novel, higher valued soybean meal of 54% protein content and low oligo. Meal of 3553 fed resulted in higher metabolizable energy produced in the animals due to the reduction in Oligosaccharides.


Recent Broiler Test Summary 

  • Test 1: Improved feed conversion of 14.1 pts or 8.3%
  • Test 2: Improved feed conversion of 11.2 pts or 7.0% and 44 points of weight or 12.3% increase
  • Total broiler improvements were measured in performance and lower cost due to the improved nutrient composition of Navita meals.