Non-GMO Articles

Horticulture Magazine-The Scoop July 19, 2010

Research shows certain common weeds are now resistant to glyphosate...  visit

Seed Today-New Biotech Weed Strategies Needed

The spread of weeds resistant to Roundup herbicide is bringing new scrutiny to the government's regulation of biotech crops.  visit

Chemical Programs

IOWA STATE 2010 Herbicide Guide

Compiled by Iowa State University Weed Scientist Mike Owen  visit

Sonic Preplant Herbicide

New Product from DOW that has had very good results.  visit

Industry Links

Iowa Soybean Association

Excellent Grower Resource  visit

Purdue Soybean Management Site

Great Resource for Soybean Growers and Dealers  visit

Seed Today

Excellent seed news source  visit

The Non-GMo Report

Non-GMO Trade Magazine  visit

State Yield Trial Results

Illinois State Yield Trials

Check out the fabulous results in the conventional Tests by the eMerge Genetics Elite Varieites  visit

Soybean Production Resources

Grain Transportation Calculator

Check out this handy tool for calculating transportation costs.  visit

Information on Soybean Rust

Very good, basic information on Soybean Rust.  visit