Seafood supply will not keep up with demand without a strong aquaculture industry and farm-raised fish.With the availability and pricing of fishmeal, the industry is looking for more sustainable alternatives. Consequently, soybean meal is not new to aquaculture. In fact, it’s the number one protein used in feeds around the world for aquaculture because of its amino acids profile and availability as an excellent protein for many species of fish and shrimp.One of the key reasons for a growing acceptance of trait-specific soybeans for aquaculture is the feed conversion ratio. Fish convert the protein most efficiently of any of the livestock-based proteins.

New aquaculture operations requirea skilled labor force that brings good- paying jobs to our rural communities. By replacing a percentage, or all, of the fishmeal with soybean meal, aquaculture becomes more sustainable—both economically and environmentally.The global aqua feed market is primarily driven by consumer demand for seafood. As the desire for seafood increases, so does the demand for aqua feed. According to recent independent market studies, this sector is expected to increase 91% by 2018 - from a market value of $55.6 million to nearly $107 million!Through our NavitaTM brand, eMerge Genetics has isolated and removed key anti-nutritional traits for the aqua market. By developing varieties with improved palatability, eMerge is increasing feed efficiency of many fish species.

 Equally important, eMerge has developed top performing soybean varieties in key aquaculture growing areas such as northern Indiana, western Ohio and southern Michigan.One shining example is variety e3553, an elite soybean specifically bred for the aqua market. In particular, cool water species like trout, salmon and yellow perch show extremely good growth response to this variety. With a 44.5% protein content on a dry weight basis, e3553 (featured below) is one of the industry’s proven leaders in providing additional value and profits for growers. The NavitaTM AQ brand is the family of ingredients derived from novel eMerge soybean varieties for the aquaculture market.